ABOUT Coach Stephen Maloney

Hello! I am Stephen Maloney and I love to help others overcome life’s challenges so they can live the fulfilled lives they are capable of. I have over 20 years of personal and professional pastoral experience helping individual men and women of different ages, status and life experiences, whether young adults, unmarried, married couples and families, divorced and widowed, in both private or group settings, all of which I am employing with my training as a Master Certified Life Coach. I live and work in various parts of New York but can also work globally through technology. I am married with five adult children of my own, and have personally experienced both struggles and successes in life, in work, relationships, parenting, education, career change, personal loss and transformation, which all contributes to my empathy and passion for the Life Coaching profession, for which I am trained and certified through The Certified LifeCoach Institute, globally accredited by the International Coach Federation, and the ACSTH and ACTO coaching standards organizations, as well as being certified with the internationally acclaimed John W. Maxwell Team of professional coaches, public speakers, and influential leaders.

I understand and appreciate that a decision to enter into a Life Coaching agreement is a serious investment for the purpose of achieving a personal or professional goal you consider important enough to do so. I value being trustworthy, competent, ethical and caring and welcome you to contact me for an initial discounted meeting so you can learn more about the life coaching process and myself who would personally coach you towards achieving your important life goals.