Honest Goals

Being honest with your self is a good personal goal to start with, and is an important ingredient of true achievement, because both your motivation and your actions will then match up with your true ambitions. Otherwise, you are less likely to be satisfied and fulfilled, especially long-term, because the goal you pursued was less…Read More

Building Trust

Trust is an essential building block in any relationship, but particularly in marriage. It is most difficult to obtain because trust is bidirectional, involving two people with needs, desires, and fears that are experienced, with some being shared and some kept hidden. Building trust involves both risk and sacrifice, a willingness to be hurt both…Read More

Vision’s Blind Spots

Vision is important to build towards the future, but it cannot accomplish anything by itself. Vision is a beginning that projects into the future, but by itself, it has limited value. Visionaries by themselves have limited value. They need other people who can also think and act in relation to the vision, for realization to…Read More